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Nicolas Cowan wins Arthur B. McDonald Fellowship

Nov 1, 2023, NSERC

Prof. Nicolas Cowan was awarded the 2023 Arthur B. McDonald Fellowship from NSERC/CRSNG. His group has pioneered techniques to map the surfaces and atmospheres of exoplanets, led groundbreaking projects to determine how planets absorb and transport heat, and conducted the first studies comparing the climates of exoplanets. The Arthur B. McDonald Fellowship recognizes early-stage academic researchers in the natural sciences and engineering and supports them to enhance their research capacity, so that they can become leaders in their field and inspire others.

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Call For Applications: MSI Postdoctoral Fellowships 2022

Oct 10, 2023, TSI

We are currently accepting applications for TSI Postdoctoral Fellowships. See job posting for full details. Deadline: 29-Dec-2023.

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The Experimental Cosmologist Hunting for the First Sunrise

Sep 20, 2023, Quanta Magazine

To catch even a whiff of the universe’s earliest epochs — an age of darkness, and one of new light — Cynthia Chiang builds her own equipment. Then she deploys it at the ends of the Earth.

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Natalya Gomez named recipient of 2023 AGU James B. Macelwane Medal

Sep 13, 2023, McGill Reporter

Professor Natalya Gomez of the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences has been selected to receive the American Geophysical Union’s 2023 James B. Macelwane Medal, awarded annually to three to five early career scientists in recognition of their significant contributions to Earth and space science. AGU, the world’s largest Earth and space science association, annually recognizes a select number of individuals for its highest honors.

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Nicolas Cowan joins Ariel space telescope mission

Aug 24, 2023, McGill Reporter

As announced earlier this summer, the Canadian Space Agency will contribute to the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Ariel space telescope mission that will launch in 2029. Nicolas Cowan, Associate Professor in the departments of Physics and of Earth & Planetary Sciences at McGill, has been appointed co-Principal Investigator of the Ariel mission, and will join ESA’s Ariel Science Team.

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Job Opening: TSI Computing Research Fellow

Feb 28, 2023, TSI

We invite applications for a postdoctoral Research Computer Technology Fellowship at the Trottier Space Institute at McGill (TSI). Full details: Apply on AcademicJobsOnline:

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McGill research featured in Québec Science top 10

Jan 13, 2023, McGill Reporter

TSI Prof. Lyle Whyte and his team (including grad students Elisse Magnuson and Catherine Maggiori) are among the researchers whose work has been highlighted Québec Science’s list of top 10 scientific discoveries of 2022. They demonstrated, for the first time, that microbial communities found living in Canada’s High Arctic in conditions analogous to those on Mars can survive by eating and breathing simple inorganic compounds of a kind that have been detected on Mars (such as methane, sulfide, sulfate, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide). The team used state-of-the-art genomic techniques to gain insight into the microbes’ remarkable metabolisms. The findings, published in The ISME Journal, were so compelling that samples of the Lost Hammer surface sediments have been selected by the European Space Agency to test the life-detecting capabilities of the instruments they plan to use on the next ExoMars Mission.

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Charles Gale and Daryl Haggard honoured by the Canadian Association of Physicists

Dec 22, 2022, McGill Reporter

TSI Prof. Daryl Haggard was awarded the 2022 CAP Herzberg Medal from the Canadian Association of Physicists. The medal is awarded in recognition of her leadership role in the development of multimessenger astronomy, and the ground-breaking discovery of the electromagnetic signal accompanying gravitational waves from colliding neutron stars.

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Donation of $26-million boosts cosmic research in Montreal

Nov 21, 2022, The Globe and Mail

The Trottier Family Foundation announces a donation of $16 million to MSI, which will now be renamed the Trottier Space Institute at McGill. The donation is accompanied by a $10 million to UdeM, for a total of $26 million for the furthering of space science in Montreal. The donation from the Trottier Family Foundation was announced on Monday by McGill University and the University of Montreal. The funding will support a pair of institutes dedicated to astrophysics and the search for life on other worlds at a time when researchers at both centres are making key contributions to the field.

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26 millions pour la recherche en astrophysique

Nov 21, 2022, La Presse

Un don de 26 millions sera annoncé ce lundi pour la recherche en astrophysique universitaire montréalaise. Il s’agit du plus gros don de l’histoire dans ce domaine aux universités de Montréal (UdeM) et McGill. L’Institut spatial de McGill se servira de la moitié des 16 millions promis sur 10 ans pour construire un nouvel édifice, rue University, qui sera relié à l’actuel par une passerelle. « Nous avons beaucoup de collaborations avec d’autres universités et voulons attirer plus de chercheurs, alors nous avons besoin de plus d’espace de travail », explique Victoria Kaspi, directrice de l’Institut.

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