Postdoctoral Fellowships at TSI


Are you someone who does research in astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology, planetary science, atmospheric science, or astrobiology? Would you like to live in Montreal and work at McGill University with world-class researchers? We invite you to apply for one of our postdoctoral fellowship opportunities below. Applications typically open in the Fall term.

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Trottier Space Institute Postdoctoral Fellowships

Trottier Space Institute at McGill, McGill University

Application Website: 


We invite applications for multiple Postdoctoral Fellowships in space-related fields to be held in the Trottier Space Institute at McGill University.


The Trottier Space Institute at McGill (TSI) is an interdisciplinary centre that brings together researchers engaged in space-related research at McGill. Currently there are 20 active faculty members affiliated with the centre, from the departments of Physics, Earth and Planetary Sciences, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, and Natural Resource Sciences. Research areas include (but are not limited to) astrophysics, cosmology, astrobiology, geophysics, life in extreme environments, and the search for extraterrestrial biosignatures.


The successful applicant will have a background in either theoretical, observational, experimental, or computational research in any of the TSI’s research areas. Postdoctoral fellows will work within the research group(s) of one or more faculty members at McGill. Applicants are strongly recommended to contact potential supervisors ahead of time; while not strictly required, most successful candidates in the past have done so.


All applications must be submitted through AcademicJobsOnline. Applicants should submit a cover letter, a curriculum vitae including a list of publications, and a research statement, and should arrange for three letters of recommendation to be sent through AcademicJobsOnline. Extra letters will be disregarded.


A successful cover letter will provide a quick summary of your research background, a brief statement of future research directions, and how this fits into the research at McGill. We value an inclusive community, and thus we (optionally) welcome descriptions of any barriers that you may have faced in your research career, descriptions of community-oriented activities that have contributed to a more equitable and diverse work environment, or plans for such work that you may have as a postdoctoral fellow at McGill.


A successful research statement will describe both your past research as well as your research plans, with the best balance to be determined by the applicant. The research plans should include a description of how they relate to research currently being performed by faculty members at McGill. While we appreciate that the finest nuances of one's research may be understandable only by experts, applicants are advised to make the broadest strokes of their research (and its significance) understandable to  an interdisciplinary selection committee consisting of members coming from the entire breadth of TSI's research mission. The total length of the research statement should not exceed two pages, although an additional page of references is acceptable.



This position offers a competitive salary and benefits, and will be for two years with a possible renewal for a third year, dependent on supervisor approval and the availability of funds. Preference is given to applicants within 3 years of the PhD. All application materials, including letters of recommendation, must be received by the deadline of November 29, 2023. 


We expect to make first-round offers and to notify the waitlist by late December. Later-round offers will be made after the new year through mid-February.


Included Benefits: 

Postdoctoral researchers at McGill enjoy a comprehensive benefits package, see:


CITA National Fellowship at McGill University

Department of Physics, McGill University

Application Website:

We invite applications for a Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics (CITA) National Postdoctoral Fellowship to be held in the Department of Physics at McGill University.


The McGill Astrophysics group currently includes 15 active faculty members. Research in our group covers theory, observations, and instrumentation, in cosmology, CMB, large-scale structure, galaxy clusters, galaxy formation and evolution, active galactic nuclei, gravitational lensing, high energy astrophysics, including ground-based gamma-ray astronomy, the physics of compact objects, including multiwavelength observations of magnetars, radio pulsars and accreting neutron stars, radio transients, nuclear astrophysics, and exoplanets. Further information on these research areas can be found here.


We also have strong ties to the early universe cosmology/high energy theory group and the Trottier Space Institute (TSI) that brings together several different areas of space-related research across the University.


The successful applicant will have a strong research record in theoretical astrophysics. Postdoctoral fellows will work under the supervision of one or more faculty members at McGill.


For instructions on how to apply, please refer to the job posting:


Preference is given to applicants within 5 years of the PhD. All application materials including letters of recommendation must be received by the deadline of November 6, 2023.


Included Benefits: 

Postdoctoral researchers at McGill enjoy a comprehensive benefits package, see: