TSI Visitor Program

The Trottier Space Institute offers a visitor program targeted faculty members on sabbatical staying 1 month or longer, and also other PhD visitors such as postdocs. Graduate students are not covered by the program.

  • Visitors will receive financial support to partially reimburse for housing and/or travel costs.
  • This funding will be split: 50/50 between faculty member host and TSI.
  • The recommended minimum stay is 2 months, though the formal requirement for eligibility is 1 month. (Visitors with shorter stays are welcome, and faculty members may support the visitor, but no funds would come from TSI).
  • The visitor must give a seminar in their first week.
  • Visitors will be given an office during their stay (drawn from the TSI visitor offices or from a faculty member on sabbatical). Depending on availability, the visitor may need to share the office.

Prospective visitors should contact TSI faculty members directly to inquire about sponsorship.