The Trottier Space Institute at McGill is an interdisciplinary centre that brings together researchers engaged in astrophysics, planetary science, atmospheric science, astrobiology and other space-related research at McGill University.

As a McGill University research centre, our goal is to bring together top McGill minds — including faculty, postdocs and students — working on related space-relevant subjects that are at the cutting edge of modern science. TSI tackles some of the biggest questions out there: Are there worlds like our own elsewhere in our Galaxy? Does Planet 9 exist? What is the nature of the ubiquitous Dark Matter and Dark Energy in our Universe? How do black holes and neutron stars work and can they help us understand the nature of gravity?

Current research at TSI falls into a number of areas that bring together researchers with different backgrounds and expertise. You can find out more using the links to the left.

You can also read our Research Highlights series here: